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Improving Science Leadership, Teams, and Communications 

Great science requires great leadership and communications.  Our programs and projects consistently deliver lasting gains.  We've achieved significant results improving science leadership, team performance, review processes, partnering in and across organizations, internal consulting, QA/QC, manufacturing quality and motivation, and alliance performance between organizations, departments and disciplines.  Click for details:
Science Leadership Blog provides best practice insight into science leadership, communications and organizational issues.  Recent posts address strategic planning, performance appraisals and partnering. 

Strategic Planning can improve performance not only for science organizations but also project teams and departments.  Our data-based approach clarifies vision, values and goals and engages stakeholders.  

Leadership Training for scientists involves four kinds of learning:  awareness, goals, communications skills and essential processes for change.  Programs feature real cases, full application of concepts.     

Presentation Skills builds confidence and skills to ensure that scientists' presentations do justice to their content and story.   Participants learn to facilitate groups for  positive, productive discussion.   

Teambuilding improves science team collaboration, communications, trust and bottom-line performance. Teambuilding builds essential skills and taps into effective processes and methods.  

Purpose, Projects explains why and how we do what we do.  Project profiles illustrate how we draw on multiple training topics and change strategies to achieve lasting results.   

Alliance Synergy
consulting and training enable partnering in science alliances, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and across departments to achieve their 1+ 1= 3 synergy potential.  

Consulting Skills increase effectiveness for the thousands of scientists in consulting roles - QA, QC, Statistics, Safety, Modeling, Regulatory, etc.  Our training helps scientists get their expertise fully used. 

Request Publications including our Science Leadership Blog, White Papers and Partnering Solution book for fresh insight, best practice methods and practical tools.  

Biotech Humor ...  There's the statistician whose peers altered  his "Statisticians are mean lovers" bumper sticker replacing the word "mean" with "average" --- and more.   

About / Contact Us  What challenges do you face?  What have you seen that works?  We're interested in your questions, comments, suggestions.

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